EnkaMat® Enka®Grip EnkaMat® A20 EnkaMat® R

EnkaMat is a three dimensional polyamide mat with an open structure. It prevents erosion on embankments, slopes and river banks, canals and reservoirs.

EnkaGrip is a 3D polyamide mat sewn to a reinforcing woven fabric, created for the stabilization of soil and vegetation on steep or rocky slopes, geomembranes or geosynthetic clay liners.

EnkaMat A20 is a three dimensional polyamide mat. It provides a permanent solution to issues caused by hydraulic stress in areas where natural erosion would otherwise have prevailed.

EnkaMat R is a unitized high-performance geosynthetic that incorporates a high tenacity polyester geogrid within the entangled filaments of the three-dimensional polyamide erosion control mat.