Enkamat W


EnkaGrip is a 3D polyamide mat sewn to a reinforcing woven fabric, created for the stabilization of soil and vegetation on steep or rocky slopes, geomembranes or geosynthetic clay liners.

On steep and rocky slopes, EnkaGrip functions as a grip layer in which soil is retained and seeds germinate easily. EnkaGrip is pinned to ensure close contact with the ground.

Smooth surfaces

Where geomembranes are used to cap landfills and line retention ponds or reservoirs, they need to be protected against UV and mechanical damage, usually by a layer of soil which is then vegetated. However, the friction between a smooth geomembrane and soil is too low, allowing the soil to slide off easily. In such cases, EnkaGrip will provide the necessary friction and anchorage. A vegetation layer can then be established in areas where this would otherwise have been impossible.


• Erosion control

• Grip layer

• Protection

Application areas

• Rocky slopes

• Steep slopes

• Geomembranes

• Geosynthetic clay liners

Features and benefits

• Prevents soil from sliding on geomembranes

• Stabilizes weathering slopes

• No maintenance needed

• Used with hydramulching on steep slopes

• An integrated and robust solution

• Open structure encourages fast vegetation growth

• Follows contours of uneven slopes

• Light and flexible

• High UV resistance

Technical details

EnkaGrip is a three dimensional, open structured polyamide mat which is sewn to a woven fabric reinforcement and is available in different strengths. The product can also be used with hydro mulching on steep slopes.

We offer full design support for all applications. Datasheets with full technical details are available.


Our Quality Management System has been approved to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard. Certificates are available on request.