EnkaMat® A20

Enkamat A20

EnkaMat® A20

EnkaMat A20 is a three dimensional polyamide mat with an open structure prefilled with a bitumen-bound mineral filter of stone chippings.

When laid on grass seeded soil slopes which are exposed to water, EnkaMat A20 provides a permanent solution to issues caused by hydraulic stress in areas where natural erosion would otherwise have prevailed. The product allows the area to become fully vegetated with the appearance of a grass channel. EnkaMat A20 offers immediate erosion protection from high water velocities and small wave attack.


• Water erosion protection

• Resistance to high water velocities

Application areas

• Riverbanks

• Lakes

• Canals

• Reservoirs

• Channels

• Dykes

• Overflow protection zones

• Culverts

• Other surfaces permanently subjected to water impact

Features and benefits

• A permanent solution

• Reinforces vegetation root systems

• Resists high water velocities

• Ensures no hydrostatic pressure build-up behind the protected slopes

• Faster to install than traditional protection systems

• An integrated and robust erosion solution

• Enables root systems to grow and green shoots to sprout through the mat

• Flexible, easily following the profile of the ground surface

• Ensures a natural aesthetic appearance

• No maintenance necessary

• Firmly locked to the ground by the root system

Technical details

EnkaMat A20 is a strong, three dimensional mat made from high quality polyamide (PA) with an open structure consisting of looped filaments welded where they cross. It is filled with a bitumen bound mineral filter of stone chippings of 2-6 mm.

EnkaMat A20 is 22 mm thick, with a weight of 20 kg/m2. Water permeability is 30 mm/s at 100 mm head.

Data sheets with full technical details are available on request. We offer full design support for all applications.


Our Quality Management System has been approved to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard. Certificates are available on request.