Enkamat® J

Enkamat J

Enkamat® J

Enkamat J is a three dimensional polyamide mat with an open structure sewn to a biodegradable geotextile fabric. Enkamat J is used to prevent erosion on embankments, slopes and river banks.

Enkamat J retains the fertile soil by preventing rills forming in the soil structure and therefore allowing the vegetation to establish quickly. In this way the product provides immediate protection while also permanently reinforcing the root systems of the vegetation. On dry slopes, it provides immediate protection against erosion caused by rainfall and protection against hydraulic flow after vegetation is established.


• Immediate soil protection

• Permanent erosion control

• Stabilisation

Application areas

• Dry slopes

• Rocky slopes and surfaces

• Protection of new or repaired (river) embankments

• Road and railway embankments

Features and benefits

• Permanent and green solution

• Immediate protection

• Prevents rills forming thus stopping erosion on slopes

• Improves vegetation growth and then protects against hydraulic loadings

• Prevents washout of soil allowing roots to establish

• Flexibility allows close contact with the soil profile

• Product is locked to the ground by the root structure

• Blends unobtrusively into the landscape

• Lightweight, easy to install

• Maintenance free

Technical details

Enkamat J is a three dimensional mat made from high quality polyamide (PA) with an open structure. It is sewn to a biodegradable geotextile.

The three dimensional mat of Enkamat J is 10 mm thick, creating an artificial root structure up to 1,810 m filiaments per m2.

Datasheets with full technical details are available on request. We offer full design support for all applications.


Our Quality Management System has been approved to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard. Certificates are available on request.