EnkaMat® R

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EnkaMat® R

EnkaMat R is a unitized high-performance geosynthetic that incorporates a high tenacity polyester geogrid within the entangled filaments of the three-dimensional polyamide erosion control mat. 

EnkaMat R can be custom made to provide various levels of reinforcement to meet any design requirements but as standard is manufactured as R45 utilizing a 45 kN/m high tenacity polyester geogrid. EnkaMat R is appropriate in many areas that are subject to erosion, such as stormwater channels, watercourses, embankments, steep slopes and spillways.


  • Erosion control
  • Grip layer
  • Superior and extreme turf reinforcement

Application areas

  • Canal and shoreline protection
  • Repair of slope failures
  • Levee armoring
  • Steep slope and channel stabilisation

Features and benefits

  • A permanent and green solution
  • Remains anchored by reinforced root system
  • Provides maximum reinforcement at low elongations
  • Withstands wheel loading and resists burrowing animals
  • Unparalleled resistance to hydraulic shear stresses
  • Withstands high flow velocities
  • Ideal for designs using percussive driven earth anchors
  • Over 90% open volume
  • Robust reinforcement of vegetative root system
  • Open structure enhances vegetation emergence
  • Blends discretely into the local environment
  • Flexible to adapt to any soil profile
  • Remains locked to the ground by root systems
  • Specific gravity >1 means it will not float
  • High UV resistance
  • Maintenance free

Technical details

EnkaMat is a strong, three dimensional mat with an open structure, made from high quality polyamide (PA) monofilaments which are thermally fused where they cross. Our breakthrough manufacturing process integrates the high-tenacity polyester geogrid within the thermally fused and entangled filaments to create a homogeneous three-dimensional structure - no loose fibers, threads or netting. EnkaMat R creates an artificial root structure by its high filament density, up to 2,980 m filaments per m².  When fully vegetated EnkaMat R has been tested to the extreme resulting in proven performance, resisting shear stresses of 0.96 kN/m² and flow velocities exceeding 6.1 m/s.


Our Quality Management System has been approved to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard. Certificates are available on request.