Colbonddrain is a high quality Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD) which is usually installed with a purpose built installation rig mounted on a hydraulic excavator. Colbonddrain was developed in partnership with leading European consultants, laboratories and geosynthetics specialists to create a highly effective solution for a major engineering challenge. The design of Colbonddrain is based on a unique extrusion and shaping technique which creates a tough geocomposite.

When the sub-grade of a construction site is too weak to bear normal construction activity, Colbonddrain will speed up consolidation considerably. Colbonddrain is a tough and durable prefabricated vertical drain (PVD), designed to extract pore water from soils to achieve 90% consolidation within six months. Thanks to its high performance Colbonddrain is often the chosen PVD for major, technically demanding projects.


• Vertical drainage

Application areas

• Soft clay
• Weak soil
• Marshland areas

Features and benefits

• Combination of patented core structure and nonwoven filter bonded to core increases water flow capacity
• Core: hydraulic channel profile (core) ensures laminar flow for optimum performance
• Nonwoven filter layers deliver optimum filtration, permeability and strength.
• Can be used to depths up to 100 m
• High tensile strength allows usage on all installation rig types
• Suitable for use in all soil types
• Efficient packaging allows high transport loads and reduced storage time on site
• Bonding of the filter to the entire surface of the core ensures that the filter is kept taut across the flow channels
• Filter cannot tear or become separated from the core when passing over the pulleys at the top rig or during soil consolidation

Technical details
Colbonddrain is a Prefabricated Vertical Drain which should be installed with a purpose built installation rig mounted on a hydraulic excavator. If the compressible clay is very deep and/or contains gravel bands, special techniques such as vibrators and heavy mandrels may be required.

• Colbonddrain is 10 cm wide PVD
• Strong filter fabric thermally bonded to both sides of the core
• Outer filter fabric bonded to the core structure over its entire surface to form a homogenous geocomposite


Our Quality Management System has been approved to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard. Certificates are available on request.