EnkaDrain® Wide

Enkadrain Wide

EnkaDrain® Wide

EnkaDrain Wide consists of a 5 metre wide three dimensional monofilament drainage core with either a thermally bonded or needle punched nonwoven or woven fabric stitched to it. The product is a versatile and reliable geocomposite for landfills and large infrastructure projects.

For waste containment purposes, EnkaDrain Wide is used as a drainage layer on top of the capping membrane and as the gas venting layer below the capping liner, as well as for leachate drainage.

EnkaDrain Wide is available in different product types, one of which has a 100 year predicted durability reflecting the long service life that can be expected from this high performance product range. The fabric of this high quality geocomposite can be stitched to either one or both sides of the core.


• Landfill drainage

• Landfill gas venting

• Landfill leachate drainage

• General drainage on large areas

• Drainage on membranes

Application areas

• Landfills

• Large embankments

• Rooftop gardens

• Parking decks

• Foundation slabs

Features and benefits

• Benchmark as leading drainage composite for over four decades

• Excellent performance under high loads

• Long term performance proven by numerous laboratory tests and landfill excavations

• Good internal shear resistance

• Protects waterproof coatings and membranes from damage

• Open structure means high discharge capacity

• High flow transmission even at low gradients

• Will not degrade over time and will not pollute the subsoil

• Large rolls (5 m x 100 m) for ease of installation on site

• Lightweight and easy to cut

• Can be installed in all weather conditions

• Cost efficient solution

• Can be disposed of safely or recycled after service life

Technical details

The EnkaDrain Wide core consists of a unique v-shaped zigzag structure. The thermally bonded or needlepunched nonwoven is stitched to the core at closely-spaced intervals longitudinally, on either one or both sides. This core is thermally pre-formed in a V-shape configuration, making it optimally pressure resistant. All EnkaDrain Wide product types are manufactured in 5 m width.

Technical datasheets with full details are available on request. We offer full design support for all applications.


Our Quality Management System has been approved to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard. Certificates are available on request.

EnkaDrain Wide production is subject to stringent internal and external monitoring to DIN 18200. Enkadrain ZB-350 offers >100 years predicted durability, assessed by BAM. Individual test reports and opinions have been conducted or assessed by independent organizations and authorities. Independent inspectors are monitoring the product’s use at numerous landfills.