Engineered geosynthetic solutions

Engineered geosynthetic solutions

Enka®-Flex Enka®-Mattress Geotextile foundation tubes Armater® Enka®-D-Tube

Enka®-Flex a 3-dimentional woven fabric which forms the base layer of a concrete block mattress.

A concrete mattress is a two layer geotextile mattress filled with fine aggregate concrete after installation. The mattress acts as a shutter till the concrete is cured.

Geotextile foundation tubes are a woven geotextile, made of high tenacity PET and twisted on a circular loom.

Armater is a honeycomb-type geocell, made by alternate linking of strips of polyester non-woven by gluing.

Enka Solutions dewatering tubes are fabricated from high strength geotextiles forming tubular structures with filling inlets which enable pumping of sand slurry.