Concrete Mattress


Enka-Matress is a two layer geotextile mattress filled with fine aggregate concrete after installation. The mattress acts as a shutter till the concrete is cured.

The specific hydraulic characteristics of the fabric allow a slow evacuation of the concrete mixture water and limit the fine cement particles from getting through the fabric. Both result in a concrete which gives high strength, density and abrasion resistance whether constructed above or below the water. The two layers are connected in order to control the thickness of the mattress.

We produce 2 types of Enka-Matress:

  • Permeable concrete mattress with filter points
  • Impermeable concrete mattress with connection threads

Enka-Matress with filter points

The mattress is woven together at regular intervals to form the so called filter points. These filter points act as filters along which water can drain off and release water pressure behind or under the mattress. The fine pore size of the filter points prevents the transport of fine soil particles.

Enka-Mattress with connection threads

The mattress has internal connection threads. The specific length of the connections threads controls and provides a constant thickness after filling up with concrete. Due to the structure of the mattress, once hardened it forms an impermeable protection layer.

Features and benefits

Enka-Matress offers a wide range of advantages:

  • Thinner solution than rock revetment
  • Can be installed on steep slopes without any difficulty
  • Easily adapts to the curves and contours of the subgrade during filling and as a result reduces the potential for scour
  • Easily adapts to complicated geometric shapes
  • Perfect controlled thickness of mattress, no matter the slope
  • The undulating surface of the filter point mattress breaks the hydraulic energy, reduces the water velocity and as a result reduces wave run-up
  • The slightly cobbled surface of the impermeable mattress gives low hydraulic resistance
  • Industrial zippers ensure the fastening of adjacent panels in an efficient way
  • Installation under water possible
  • Simple to install
  • Economical alternative for the more conventional methods (riprap, gabions, concrete slabs,…)

Typical application areas of Concrete Mattresses

Concrete mattresses are used in a wide variety of erosion protection applications in hydraulic and coastal works. Common applications areas are:

  • River and canal slope protection
  • Ponds and reservoirs
  • Bypass sections at hydropower stations
  • Scour aprons at berth areas
  • Sealing and repairs of irrigation canals
  • Repairs of piles
  • Supporting and covering of pipelines