Dewatering tubes


EnkaTube dewartering tubes are fabricated from high strength geotextiles forming tubular structures with filling inlets which enable pumping of sand slurry. The highly permeable fabric allows rapid dissipation of water during filling whilst the small pore size retains fines. They are available in a variety of sizes, depending on volume and space requirements. Volume reduction can be as much as 85%, this makes removal and disposal very easy and much more economic.


  • Dewatering of all sorts of non-soluble materials

Application areas

  • Waste water treatment projects
  • Dredging of lakes and ponds
  • Agricultural ponds
  • Aquaculture facilities
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Industrial lagoons

Features and benefits

  • Cost efficient way of dewatering and transporting non-water soluble materials
  • Dewatering tubes enable a strong volume reduction of the pumped material
  • Significant lower carbon footprint versus other, classic solutions

Technical details 

EnkaTube MAX

  • Fabricated from PP tapes
  • Offers tubes with maximum circumference of 28 lm with a maximum pump height of 2.5 m depending on filling material

EnkaTube FLEX

  • Manufactured from PP tape combined with PE monofilaments
  • Offers a highly permeable alternative with a slightly lower pump height