Enkagrid® G & M

Enkagrid GM

Enkagrid® G & M

Enkagrid G and M is a range of certified high performance woven geogrids for soil reinforcement. They are manufactured from high tenacity PET and PVA yarns with a PVC coating. Can be used together with Enkamat and our other products to preserve the natural appearance of slopes.

Enkagrid G and M can be used for a variety of different applications. Typical areas of use include reinforcement of roads, railways and airports, embankments, foundations over poor ground, as well as retaining walls and slopes, noise barriers and landslide repair.

The product is flexible and easy to work with, and will lay flat and not spring back once laid out on the ground. Enkagrid G and M can be used together with other Bonar products to enhance the natural appearance of slopes.


• Reinforcement

• Stabilisation

• Grip layer

Application areas

• Roads and railways

• Airports

• Piled embankments

• Shopping centres, industrial areas

• Retaining walls and steep slopes

• Landslide repair

• Noise barriers

• Stabilisation of sea, river and reservoir banks

• Landscaping

Features and benefits

• High pull-out resistance

• Low creep values for long term stability

• High tensile strength at lower strain

• Easy installation and handling in all weathers

• High level of microbiological resistance

• High resistance to acids and alkalis in ambient temperatures

• Allows slopes to be increased beyond angle of repose – maximises site space

• Increases bearing capacity of embankments or platforms on weak soils

• Minimises effects of differential settlement

• Reduces the risk of bearing failure

• A green solution – reduced carbon footprint

• Cost-effective compared with traditional methods

Technical details

Enkagrid G and M are woven geogrids made of high tenacity yarns with a PVC coating. The G type is made from polyester (PET) yarns and the M type from polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) yarns.

• Tensile strength range: 20 to 400 kN/m

• Roll width: up to 5,2 m

• Available in uniaxial and biaxial tensile strengths

We offer design support for all applications. Data sheets with full technical details are available. Contact us for further details.


Our Quality Management System has been approved to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard. Certificates are available on request.