EnkaGrid® MAX

Enkagrid Max

EnkaGrid® MAX

EnkaGrid MAX is a high performance and cost-effective biaxial geogrid used worldwide in civil engineering projects for sub-base stabilization, designed for achieving maximum bearing capacity and shear resistance.

EnkaGrid MAX exhibits an optimum interaction with all granular soil types, making it ideal for sub-base stabilization. It is typically used for construction of roads or platforms on weak soils where it delivers extra stiffness and prevents differential settlements, thus prolonging the life expectancy of the project.

Decades of research and development have made EnkaGrid the product of choice for demanding technical structures worldwide.


• Reinforcement

• Sub-base stabilisation

Application areas

• Construction roads

• Permanent and temporary roadways

• Paved and unpaved roads

• Parking areas

• Airport runways

• Platforms

Features and benefits

• Reduces the depth of sub-base layer required

• Cost effective

• Absorbs dynamic loads generated by traffic

• Excellent mechanical long-term durability

• Consistent stress-strain performance

• Optimum interaction with all granular soil types

• Excellent resistance to mechanical damage

• High levels of UV resistance

• Chemically inert

• Fast installation with practical 5 m wide rolls

• Ease of handling on site

• Lower carbon footprint impact

Technical Details

EnkaGrid MAX is a rigid, biaxial geogrid of extruded polypropylene or polyester strips with the same design strength in both machine and cross-machine directions. EnkaGrid MAX is available in different tensile strengths. It is available in rolls of 4, 4.5 and 5 m width.

The engineered structure of EnkaGrid employs cutting edge manufacturing concepts such as the patented computer controlled laser welding process. Using laser technology, the quality of the junction bonds is precisely controlled during the production process. This creates consistently rigid joints throughout the geogrid without affecting the polymer orientation or stress strain performance of the extruded strips.

Technical data sheets with full details are available on request. We offer design support for all applications. Contact us for further details.


Our Quality Management System has been approved to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard. Certificates are available on request.