EnkaGrid® TRC

Enkagrid TRC

EnkaGrid® TRC

EnkaGrid TRC is a high strength composite of aramid mesh and a thermally bonded nonwoven combining reinforcement, separation and filtration functions in one product. It resolves a number of engineering problems in a single solution.

When no creep deformation is allowable in reinforcement or stabilisation layers, EnkaGrid TRC is the solution. The high strength geogrid composite reinforces the base course beneath roads, runways, and foundations over weak subsoils. The nonwoven prevents fine particles from percolating up into the sub-base and the granular sub-base, providing a layer for in-plane water flow during compaction of the sub-base.


• Reinforcement

• Stabilisation

• Separation

• Filtration

Application areas

• Paved and unpaved roads

• Parking areas

• Embankment foundations

• Building foundations

• Platforms

• Runways

Features and benefits

• Reinforcement, separation and filtration in one easy to install product

• Reduces the required subbase thickness and increases road life

• Prevents fine subsoil from penetrating into the road structure

• Increases the sub-base strength on weak soils

• Outstanding mechanical properties: low creep

• Increases service life of roads with minimal deformation of the sub-base

• Limits the propagation of cracks

• Excellent durability and long term performance

• Fast installation with practical 5 m wide rolls

• Ease of handling on site

Technical details

EnkaGrid TRC is a multifunctional geogrid composite consisting of a high-modulus low-elongation aramid fiber geogrid embedded in a nonwoven textile. EnkaGrid TRC has the same design strength in both axes. The geogrid is available in rolls of 5 m width.

Technical data sheets with full details are available on request. We offer full design support for all applications.


Our Quality Management System has been approved to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard. Certificates are available on request.