Enka Force


The high modulus multifilament yarns used in the production of Enka-Force fabrics offer excellent creep characteristics, making them the perfect choice for use in soil reinforcement applications. The range has been specifically designed to exhibit high strength at low elongation.

Typical areas of application include reinforced soil walls, embankments and load transfer platforms. During use, the stresses are transferred into the plane of the reinforcement by friction between the soil and the reinforcement fabric. The product’s hydraulic properties make it suitable for use in most soils and granular fills.

Enka-Force woven geotextiles can be used in the construction of vertical walls, steep slopes and embankments over soft ground. As soil is very strong in compression but weak in tension, Enka-Force geotextiles will provide tensile resistance within the soil mass, allowing to significantly increase the possibilities of creating stable structures with soil.


• Reinforcement

Application areas

• Reinforced soil walls

• Embankments over soft soil

• Load transfer platforms

• Areas prone to subsidence

Features and benefits

• Low creep characteristics

• High tensile strengths at low corresponding elongations

• Ability to carry high tensile loads for many years

• Significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional methods

• Significant cost saving compared to traditional methods

Technical details

• Different types of Enka-Force woven geotextiles are available manufactured from either polyester (PET), polyvinylalcohol (PVA), polyamide (PA) or a combination.

• Tensile strengths from 60 kN/m to 1200 kN/m in primary load carrying direction.

• Roll width 5,2m, roll length 100m.

Data sheets with full technical details are available. Please contact us for further details.


Our Quality Management System has been approved to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard. Certificates are available on request.